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Comfort Food

Written by

Raleigh Cain & Dani Payne

To be Directed by

Krista Gano & Laura Carson

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On the first anniversary of their father's suicide, a disconnected and quirky family comes together to sort out their grief, their futures, and dad's closet. In an exploration of the various innate ways of coping, they end up discovering what happens when the condolences stop but life doesn't.


Family / Dramedy

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Cutting Your Teeth on
Smith Street


Written by

Chasen Parker

In a 1999 Houston, Texas - a disgruntled accountant at Enron attempts to blackmail the crooked executives before anything would surface to the public, but when they laugh in his face, he leaves with a plot of revenge to collapse the place from the inside out.

The Token Groomsman

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Written by

John C. Hall & Andrew Mortazavi

A young man, down on his luck, reluctantly accepts an invitation to a wedding from a former colleague to be a groomsman in his wedding. Upon his arrival, he discovers that not only is he an afterthought but a replacement for someone who backed out last second, but there's more than meets the eye to the relationships among everyone in the wedding parties.

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